Our Services & Fees

Fee-Only, Fiduciary, Independent Financial Planning in Austin & Houston


Our services and fees

Fee-Only Financial Planning

Austin and Houston

Our comprehensive fee only financial planning services include:

Cash Flow Planning

We’ll help map out your expenses so you know exactly how much you need to save, spend and invest every month.

Education Planning

From scholarships to payment plans, we’ll provide you with the peace of mind you need to look forward to their future.

Estate Planning

Prevent future family tension and confusion with an estate plan that outlines your wishes and secures your legacy.

Retirement Planning

Eliminate doubt and fear about the future with a strategy that will help you maintain your lifestyle past employment.

Risk Management

We’ll review any current policies and make recommendations as needed to help make sure you’re protected from the unexpected.

Tax Planning

Discover new tax savings, learn about the latest tax reduction strategies and always know exactly how much you need to pay.


Fee Only Wealth Management

Austin and Houston
We believe that when done correctly, wealth management consists of three unique but interrelated parts.

We’ll perform a comprehensive evaluation of your financial situation to predict future cash flow, asset value, potential diversification and withdrawal plans.

This stage is all about education — informing you of common mistakes people make when making financial decisions and the steps you can take to avoid them.
With your timeline and risk tolerance in mind, we’ll identify the best investment vehicles to utilize according to your unique needs and goals.


Fee Only, Hourly, Comprehensive Financial Planning

Hourly based (quoted as a fixed price)

Annual service

Financial planning fees can be paid via credit card or bank draft

Pricing depends on complexity, typically ranges between $3500 and $5500

Full Service, ongoing, Investment Management with Financial Planning included

Comprehensive Financial Planning

Account opening, transfers, money moves,

Regular rebalancing and cost reduction strategies

Model allocations based on risk tolerance and risk capacity

Tax and Charitable strategies to reduce to the long-term tax burden

Minimum quarterly charge is $500

Investment management fees are deducted from the investment accounts quarerly.

Asset Under Management fee ranges from .85% down to .30% annually.

Non-Traditional Retirement

55-Year-old, Baby Boom, married with 2 kids in college.  Interested in a financial plan to help them plan for an early retirement once the kids have completed college.  This couple has a large home, plans to downsize when the kids graduate from college and then move to a smaller, single story home.  A non-traditional retirement is an option – starting a second career or step-down job.  This would provide a challenge and income for the pre-retirement years.

Retiring with Uncertainty

60-Year-old, Employee in the Oil & Gas field, planning to retire, but worried about the future of the Energy business.  Needs financial planning to confirm readiness for retirement.  Worried if they have enough money saved, if the spending plan works.  Concerned about the unknowns (health care, medical issues, or maybe if they will need to work during retirement.)  The financial planning process helps this client to have financial piece.

Financial Optimization

65-Year-old, Married, 2 kids.  Worked for 30 years and now is ready to retire or retired.  They have a mostly paid for home and the kids are out of college and stabile.  The client is interested in a comprehensive plan focusing on tax reduction strategies so they will pay the IRS 100% what is owned by not anymore.  Also, of interest is the best solution for their charitable giving and if this can possible reduce their tax burden.

What We Charge


As a fee-only wealth management firm, we never earn a commission. We never act as salespeople. And we’ll never hide how much our services are going to cost you.


Our Fees
  • Wealth Management We have NO minimum asset requirements, however, we do have a minimum quarterly fee of $500.