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8 Foolproof Ways to Reach Your Retirement Number Faster

8 Foolproof Ways to Reach Your Retirement

No matter how financially savvy you are, planning for retirement can feel like a guessing game. Even when you know what you want your retirement to look like, you still have to estimate or “guess” your future expenses and your investment returns, as well as the role inflation, will play.

Most retirement calculators use an algorithm to come up with a figure, but you can also determine your “retirement number” using multiples of your salary or an annual safe withdrawal rate. If you read about personal finance often enough, you’ve probably heard about a million and one ways to know how much money you’ll need.

8 Strategies to Get to Retirement Faster

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A native Texan, my experience ranges from working in the oil, gas and technology fields to managing people’s assets for over 20 years — designing more than 250 financial plans throughout my career. Decoding the many intricacies involved in the financial modeling and investment management process is what I do best: providing my clients with the tools and insight they need to achieve their financial goals.